How to Put an Electric Blanket on a Bed the Right Way

folded Electric Blanket

How to put an electric blanket on a bed is one of the most searched questions about electric blankets. But why? What’s so hard about putting an electric blanket on a bed?

Frankly, this is quite an effortless task. But you must be confused by the myriad of answers from other sources on the web.

Some claim that putting an electric blanket directly on your bed will distort its circuitry. After reading that, you start imagining how you toss around on your bed through the night. And you think, maybe they're right.

But then, you scroll down and see someone else claiming the opposite. They say that if you cover yourself with your electric blanket, you'll be pulling and shifting it around all night. And that's bad for the electric blanket's circuitry, too.

At this point, you're more confused than ever about how to put an electric blanket on a bed safely and efficiently.

In the end, the way you sleep has nothing to do with it. After all, you can't be responsible for what you do when cozied up in the heavenly warmth of an electric blanket.

Which Type of Electric Blanket Do You Own?

The debate over how to put an electric blanket on a bed is confusing, mostly due to one thing: The different terms people use to describe electric blankets around the world.

For most people in Europe, there are two types of electric blankets. These are called top (over) and bottom (under) electric blankets. You can place the top electric blanket on top of you and put the bottom electric blanket underneath you.

However, there's only one type for Americans. That is, just a plain electric blanket. Here, we call "bottom" electric blankets heated mattress pads.

So, unless the manufacturer’s instructions tell you to place the electric blanket under you, it should always be above you.

But we aren’t done yet. You still need to understand precisely how to put an electric blanket on a bed.

4 Tips for How to Put an Electric Blanket on a Bed

Apart from reaping heat therapy benefits, electric blankets are physically and emotionally comforting. But, even the best electric blankets need proper placement for maximum safety and efficiency.

To learn how to put an electric blanket on a bed, you need to do the following:

1. Study the instructions

2. Assess your layering options

3. Check and adjust your settings

4. Sleep right

Unlock Your Best Night's Sleep Yet

I bet using an electric blanket the right way is simpler than you thought.

It can be tough at the beginning, especially when you are figuring out your desired temperature level. But you’ll get there, I promise.

The moment you master how to put an electric blanket on a bed, you’ll be delighted with your comfort. And, if that's not enough, investing in an electric blanket can even reduce your heating bills!

How do you use your electric blanket on your bed? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash


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