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Finding the perfect comforter for you will get you one step closer to the bed of your dreams. What is the softest comforter material? It’s the one that’s going to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel good when you wake up. You deserve the best when you’re trying to rest.

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What is the Softest Comforter Material?

The softest comforter material is breathable, lightweight, and won’t become uncomfortable if you start to sweat. There are a few materials that often come out on top in the competition for the softest material. You’ll need to make sure to choose a comforter with a shell material and filling that work well together.

Several things go into making a comforter soft. What the comforter is filled with and the material of the outer shell will both play a part in making your blanket the softest it can be. In the world of comforters, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside.

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Exploring the Options

With so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to try and make a final decision. It comes down to knowing the options, knowing what you want, and knowing what you need.

Remember that you shouldn’t just be looking at what’s inside or out, but them both together. Being the softest comforter material is a team effort that involves all the parts.

Down-filled comforters

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Down-filled comforters come from the stuff beneath the feathers of geese or ducks. Though the fill is soft by nature, it will get softer as you add more of the down filling. Adding more will make the blanket fluffier and provide better insulation, so you’ll get that warm and cozy feeling you crave.

Unfortunately, down-filled comforters are a bit controversial. Since they’re sourced from ducks and geese, down comforters are not vegan and can be labeled as unethical. There have been reports of people who produce down comforters by plucking the birds for their feathers while they’re still alive.

There are down alternative comforters, so you can have the feel of down without the moral dilemma. Overall, down and down alternative fills are a strong contender for the softest comforter material.

Synthetic-filled comforters

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Synthetic-filled comforters are just as popular as down comforters and less controversial. Unlike a down filling, you can have a wider range of control over the warmth and fill level of the blanket. Some people don’t enjoy a really lofty, puffy blanket, so synthetic fabrics will cater to a wider crowd.

Down comforters are known to aggravate the allergies of some users, which won’t happen with synthetic fills since the man-made material is hypoallergenic. The synthetic filled comforter is also more likely to be machine washable, while most down-filled comforters should be dry cleaned only.

If you use these for your messy kids or guests, choosing a conveniently washable comforter might be a better idea.

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Shell Materials

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The shell material is important, too. Different types of shell materials have different strengths, and the type you choose will have a serious impact on how soft your comforter is.

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Cotton, in general, is one of the most favorable fabrics. Cotton clothes are lightweight, absorb moisture, and allow your body to breathe. A cotton shell will allow heat to escape your body as your temperature changes at night, eliminating uncomfortable night sweats.

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Flannel is another popular option. On top of a rustic feel, a flannel comforter will be warm and cozy in the colder months. Something to keep in mind is that flannel can be too heavy for the summer and too warm if you’re prone to sweating.

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Bamboo shells are a fun, eco-friendly choice for the softest comforter material. A bamboo shell material will be soft and breathable so that you can feel nice and cozy while you sleep. They can get pretty pricey though, so make sure you really want to make the investment.

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How to Keep Your Comforter Soft

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When you’re doing research to figure out what is the softest comforter material, you should also look into how to keep it that way. Using a fabric softener will help you keep your bedding feeling soft and comfy, while dryer sheets can reduce static and help it smell nice.

If you opt to go for a down comforter, don’t fret. Dry cleaners will typically use some type of softening treatment on the items as they clean them.

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Find the Comforter of Your Dreams

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What is the softest comforter material is a question that must be answered in two parts. You need to have the right combination of inner filling and outer shell to get the softness you want.

Down and down alternative fillings are the softest, while a cotton outer shell will give you the best softness on the outside. Coupled with the right fabric softener and dryer sheets, you’ll have the softest comforter in town in no time.

Do you have another opinion on what is the softest comforter material? Let us know!

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