Can You Wash An Electric Blanket?

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person holding knitted textiles

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It’s a cold night, and you are curled up on the couch under your electric blanket. You spill your dinner all over it. You are now thinking, “Can you wash an electric blanket?”

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Can You Wash an Electric Blanket?

A lot of people purchase an electric blanket and then ask that very question: Can you wash an electric blanket? The answer is yes!

You can’t just take the blanket off of your bed and toss it into the washer. Some steps have to be done to wash your electric blanket correctly.

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Different Ways to Wash an Electric Blanket

You always want to read your user manual before you start washing the electric blanket. The manufacturer might have a suggestion when it comes to cleaning their product. The owner’s manual will answer the question, “Can you wash an electric blanket?” or not based on their brand of the blanket.

Spot washing

Spot washing can be used to clean the smaller spots when washing the blanket isn’t needed. Depending on how much water you are using, you might not have to remove any of the eclectic components.

Machine washing

Before you place your electric blanket into the washer, make sure you have followed these essential steps!

1. It’s time to read!

You will want to pull out that owner’s manual and read up on your specific blanket. There might be something on this list that your manufacturer doesn’t recommend. Reading your manual is always a great place to start.

2. The cords and controls need attention

You will want to remove all of the controls and cords before any part of the blanket touches water. If you do not remove the controls and cords, you will ruin the components.

If you cannot remove the cords and controls, you will have to hand wash your electric blanket.

3. Do you have stains?

You will want to treat any stains you may have before you start washing your blanket. You never want to use fabric softener or any bleach with your electric blanket.

4. Don’t forget about pre-soaking

Most electric blankets recommend pre-soaking your blanket anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes before you put it in the washing machine. You will want the water temperature to be between cold and warm.

5. Time to move to the washing machine

Set your washing machine to a gentle style, and you will only want to wash it briefly. If you do not have a large drum washer, you may have to hand wash your electric blanket.

Also, make sure you are using a mild laundry detergent. An excellent example of mild laundry detergent is Woolite. It’s a very gentle laundry detergent.

6. Should you use the spin and rinse cycles?

Just like the wash cycle, you are going to want to do a brief spin and rinse cycle. You must be using only the most gentle cycles when washing an electric blanket.


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If you cannot remove the blanket’s electric components from the blanket, hand washing is your only option. Always make sure your blanket is unplugged before you start washing.

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If you can remove the control box, you should before you try to wash it. You never want to submerge the control box in water.

You will need a large tub to hand wash your electric blanket. Use a mild laundry detergent that for hand washing. Breezeo makes laundry detergent strips that for hand-washing.

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Fill the tub with lukewarm water and wash with the soap for a couple of minutes. Just like with machine washing, avoid using bleach and fabric softener. Let the blanket soak for about 15 minutes before you squeeze the water out of the blanket.

Rinse the blanket in cool water to remove the soap.

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Is Dry Cleaning a Good Idea?

Dry cleaning is not recommended to wash an electric blanket. The process uses chemicals that can cause issues with the heating elements.

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How to Dry an Electric Blanket

You are going to want to double-check your owner’s manual to see if there are any suggestions on how to dry your blanket. If you have a smaller dryer, you may not want just to lay the blanket flat somewhere to allow it to dry. Your dryer needs to be big enough that the blanket will have room to move around inside as it dries.

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Make sure that the dryer heat is on low. You will want the blanket to be still slightly damp when you remove it from the dryer. Doing this will allow you to be able to stretch your blanket out to bring it back to its original size and shape.

After you stretch the blanket, you can now hang the blanket up to finish drying. You can hang it on a clothesline or drape it over your shower curtain rod. It is crucial to make sure that the blanket is completely dry before you plug it back in to use it.

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Time to Curl up with Your Clean Blanket!

You now know the answer to the begging question, “Can you wash an electric blanket?” It’s not like washing a standard blanket at home, but you can do it! Be mindful of the process, and read that owner’s manual.

Do you use an electric blanket? Which of these washing tips do you do? Are there any tips that you recommend that we missed?