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When you’re looking for bedding, you want to make it as comfortable as possible. After all, this is where you’re going to be getting your nights of sleep after your long days. Sometimes it’s goose down that’s used to stuff your pillows and comforters, but what is goose down?

They may not be something you think about a whole lot. If your bedding is comfortable, you probably just take for granted what composes it. However, having a better understanding of the materials can help you make better choices when you replace your bedding.

There’s nothing more valuable than a good night of sleep. And the material you sleep on and under can actually make a difference in whether you get quality sleep or not.

What Is Goose Down?

You might first want to know what down is, when you’re asking the question, “What is goose down?” In fact, down is the soft plumage on the underside of waterfowl, such as ducks and geese. It’s a layer of insulation that they have underneath their feathers that keeps them dry.

Many people may think that feathers and down are the same thing, but the truth is that they aren’t. Feathers have stiff quills and down doesn’t. A cluster of down is soft and fluffy, with filaments growing in all sorts of different directions.

Many people might be concerned about how the down is harvested, and if it involves any animal cruelty. But don’t worry — it doesn’t. Geese aren’t harvested for only their down, so there’s no waste, and there’s no animal cruelty involved.

Uses for Goose Down

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There are a few things you might wonder about goose down, in addition to the answer to the question, “What is goose down?” For example, what kinds of uses does it have?

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Manufacturers use the down of ducks and geese to insulate comforters, in order to make them cozy and warm. They also use them as filling for your down pillows, to make them both supportive and resilient. Featherbeds and blankets also often contain goose down.

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It’s not just bedding that uses goose down, either. Some of your clothes may contain it as well. Many jackets and gloves contain a goose down filling.

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Fill power

There is one consideration that people should remember when it comes to asking the question, “What is goose down?” They should remember not only that manufacturers use it, but they should also know a little bit about how they use it. To this end, fill power is an important concept.

Fill power is a way that manufacturers measure the quality of goose down. Higher numbers are better when it comes to fill power.

The fill power is the amount of cubic space that one ounce of down is going to fill. If the down has a fill power of 750, then 1 ounce of it is going to fill 750 cubic inches of space.

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You may wonder exactly how this applies to you. Basically, a comforter that contains goose down of a higher fill power is going to be warmer, fluffier, and lighter than one that contains even a larger amount of down of a lower fill power.

Most of the time, comforters that contain goose down of a lower fill power are going to be cheaper.

However, they’re probably not going to be as warm, fluffy, and comfortable as the ones with higher fill power. That’s good to keep in mind when you’re choosing bedding.

Why Choose Goose Down?

You might wonder why you would choose goose down specifically for your bedding. Having an answer to the question “What is goose down?” doesn’t tell you everything you should know about this material.

For example, why would you choose goose down over goose feathers or duck down?

Down vs. feathers

As you probably know by now, down and feathers are not the same thing. They come from the same place, which is the outside of a goose or duck.

Feathers are the outer covering of the bird. They contain quills, and they make it possible for the goose or duck to fly. However, down is different.

Down fibers are located beneath the outer feathers on the bird. Typically, they’re on the soft underside of the bird’s belly. They provide insulation to keep the goose or duck warm.

Down fibers don’t contain any quills and are light and fluffy. They make pillows malleable, as well as supportive and soft. They also adapt to your body’s internal temperature and give you excellent temperature control, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Some pillows are filled with feathers, but these are typically decorative pillows. They aren’t the kinds of pillows you’d typically want to sleep on. They are too firm and not very comfortable, not to mention that the quills can end up poking you.

For this reason, when you’re looking for a material to stuff your pillows and comforters, you’d probably prefer goose down over goose feathers.

Goose down vs. duck down

Both goose down and duck down are viable options when it comes to filling up your comforters and pillows. However, many will say that goose down is superior.

The main reason for this is the higher fill power of goose down. Because geese are larger birds than ducks, they produce larger plumules of down. That leads to a higher fill power and a slightly more comfortable bedding set.

Also, duck down may come with a gamy odor. That’s because a duck feathers have a higher oil content in their feathers than geese.

Overall, goose down is considered to be superior to duck down. However, there is one exception, and this would be the down from the Eider duck, also known as Eiderdown. 

Overall, goose down is considered to be superior to duck down. However, there is one exception, and this would be the down from the Eider duck, also known as Eiderdown. Eiderdown clusters are very dense, and Eiderdown is considered to be the softest down that provides the best insulation.

However, Eiderdown is both very rare and very expensive because of the rarity. That’s why when people look for a superior product, it’s usually goose down that they seek.

Are You Down with All That?

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You probably didn’t know that there was so much to the answer to the question, “What is goose down?” In fact, the answer to this question probably affects your life more than you would have thought. That’s particularly true if you sleep using bedding that contains goose down.

So what is goose down? In addition to the role that it plays on the actual goose, it’s a material that can help give you a great night’s sleep. A goose down comforter and pillow may be expensive, but you can’t put a price on feeling well-rested for the day ahead!

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